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ONE NIGHT IN MONGKOK (2004; d. Derek Yee)

Cops ‘n’ criminals in the most densely-populated area in the world, as Mainland bumpkin Daniel Wu arrives to commit murder-for-hire, but instead resuces Mainland prostitute Cecelia Cheung and incurs the wrath of nearly everyone else. Alex Fong is the cop in charge, who struggles to keep a lid on a situation that is quickly boiling over. Derek Yee directs, with great skill and restraint; ace editor Cheung Ka-Fai does his usual great job with this kind of noir-ish fare.

[Viewed on DVD.]

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  1. marshy00 said: One of my favourite HK movies from the past decade. Derek Yee’s best film IMO.
  2. peteramartin posted this
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